A podcast about direct-to-video movies from the '80s, '90s & early millennium.

In our opinion, the following buttons link to some of the most consistently-engaging and well-researched movie discussion from independent podcasters:


An independent and wonderfully-eclectic movie review podcast, hosted by the truly multi-talented Jon Cross. 


An independent and very in-depth movie review podcast, hosted by Mike White & guests. Interviewees in almost every episode are connected to the movie under review. 


An independent and very professionally-assembled movie review podcast, hosted by Arnie Carvalho & two other guest hosts. It focuses on movie franchises in particular, and boats a huge archive of reviews.  


Outside of the Podcast world, there's one site we visit daily: 

An independent and original written movie review site, Vern is the esteemed author of the books Seagalogy and Yippee Ki-Yay Moviegoer!, among many other works. He's wonderfully prolific, and prolifically wonderful.